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Update [Sep. 8th, 2009|06:45 pm]
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Friends: More and more people keep moving out of the house as they graduate, move to their new houses, get married (Blake & Stacy! Morgan & Lorne!), and transfer to new schools.

We had a sort of send-off for Shaina and Margena in which we took a road trip to Shaina's home in Yakima immediately after Blake & Stacy's wedding (where I DJed).  We got there at 3:30AM, slowed by a flat tire at 2:16AM and the spare losing air shortly after that.  It was really a lot of fun.  Dan C. drove his pick-up with Steven and I in it (I got to sit in the jumper seat with the sleeping bags and pillows).  It was a little cramped, but awesome.

School:  I'm done with my summer classes.  Singing for Actors was the best of all of them.  I also made a costume in another and learned about film production in another.  Then there was English Language Study.  Pure boring.

Work: I don't actually know if Susan fired me before she left on her vacation to the UK.  Her e-mails are always unclear.  Now, I work at the UW's Law Library.  I'm still learning everything, but now I know how to use the Library of Congress #'s.  Also, when it's slow, I get to sit and read.  Right now, I'm reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. 

Random:  Last night, I took a Benadryll for my allergies and I had this strong urge to write something down.  This morning, I read it:
"Compliments are cheap.  It's a real friend that knows how to criticize (constructively)."  Thanks Benadryll for those words of wisdom.