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Esther and Thomas have really good points [Aug. 24th, 2009|09:50 pm]
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Maybe I mentioned it before, but when I'm confused by an aspect of the world/God/humanity, I tend to spend all of my moving time (walking between classes, exercising, walking down the stairs, etc.) trying to come up with an answer.  It's made for some profound breakthroughs in my life and walk with God.

Anyhow, I've had the following question as my moving time question on and off for a few years now:  "Why do guys throw themselves at the cheerleader-type personalities?"  Saying that they're prettier and whatnot is not entirely valid, because I've seen some pretty oog-lay chearleaders that got the same amount of attention, as well as some absolutely gorgeous girls get less attention.

Today, Esther solved my question for me while we were in the middle of a conversation about the maturity levels of our peers.  I think that her point is completely valid, and while every statement can use some refining, it is pretty true.

Premise:  Guys mature slower than girls do (mostly due to their maturity being related to their ability and drive to provide for their family).

Esther's Point:  When girls are less mature, they tend to strive for attention, seeking to get it from everyone around them.  Obviously, this attention-seeking will attract male attentions.  While it is probably true that these immature girls can never be satisfied with the attentions of one guy, guys will see them as easy to please.  If guys give them attention, then they will be pleased.  Since the girls are easy to please, they are also easy to date, because they require less effort.  It happens the most earlier on in life, because the guys have not matured yet, and they will perceive the easy-to-please girls as at the same maturity level as themselves.  Conversely, the mature girls intimidate guys, because the guys know that they will have to put forth an effort to please them and capture their hearts.

Thomas's Point:  The other day, Thomas mentioned that some of the guys he has been talking to (guys my age, because he's a bit older) see women as second class citizens.  Then he brought up the point of how a husband and a wife are equals, even though the wife is to submit to the loving leadership of the man.  With the same thought in mind, "Who wants to be married to a second class citizen?" he asked.  "A good friend of mine married his wife because she was the first person that said 'no' to him.  I married mine because she is my equal and I know that I can count on and trust in her opinion, and she counts on and trusts in mine."

Ending Points:
  • Boys, grow up.
  • Girls, grow up.
  • Boys, be careful with girls' hearts.
  • Girls, be careful with your own heart.
  • Boys, look for someone that you can treat and who will treat you as an equal.
  • Girls, look for someone that treats girls with respect and dignity.