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Cheri's wedding and other adventures - dancing like no one's watching [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cheri's wedding and other adventures [Aug. 15th, 2009|11:51 pm]


Today, Chad and I went down to Olympia for the marriage of Cheri and Jeff.  So, I've known her since my sophomore of high school, but the only time that I had met him was at her high school graduation party, and they weren't dating at the time.  They've actually known each other pretty much their entire lives, because their families are close friends.  Due to the fact that I'm constantly in Seattle, I haven't seen them together at all, so it really hasn't sunk in that she has a boyfriend, let alone is MARRIED!

Jeff seems to be the sweetest guy, though.  He was very doting on her during their wedding, and I can tell that he appreciates her very much.

The wedding was something that fit with Cheri's personality and way of doing things:  She likes to be spontaneous, and doesn't really plan all the little details.  About an hour and a half before I was going to leave my Oly house for the wedding in the Priest Point Park rose garden, Cheri's maid of honor called and asked if I could bring processional music...  Because they'd completely forgotten.  Poor girl was a little stressed out, but she handled everything perfectly in the end.

Since there is a rule banning amplified music from the park, we played all of the wedding songs from an iHome, which I ended up carrying around the rose garden as it played songs.  :)  We had to convince Cheri to have a first dance with Jeff, and then the bridesmaids joined in halfway through Nat King Cole's L-O-V-E.  There was a shortage of guys nearby, so they just grabbed whoever they could find.  After that, and a little bit of dancing to Sexyback (no one but the people our age wanted to dance, and those were few), Roland declared, "There has been dancing.  Now the marriage is official."

I've been looking for things for my room (that will happen in September) on craigslist, and I managed to find a free blue IKEA couch.  So I took a guy friend to help me pick it up.  Good thing I did.  The house was kind of sketch.  The couch was in the basement, which had artistic pictures of naked people playing rock & roll....  The couch needed cleaning, but it didn't seem that bad....  Until when we picked it up and turned it sideways, at which point a bunch of water poured out of the back of it onto my leg.  The lady apologized, saying that she hadn't thought that it was that bad and she promised to take it to the dump.  Crazy.