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Caitlin and Birthday Celebrations [Jul. 18th, 2009|09:20 am]
[tune: |Tell Me on a Sunday || Sarah Brightman/Andrew Lloyd Webber]

So on the 16th, Caitlin came up to Seattle and I got to see her for the first time since she got back from Ireland.  Caitlin, Kyle S., and Linh were hanging out downtown, so I went to catch up with them.  On my way to pioneer square, I got stopped by a guy who tried the following line on me:  "Hey, can I get a light?"  When I told him that I didn't have one, he replied: "Okay, well, you have a nice booty."  o.0;;  Not ten minutes after that, another guy tried to pick me up:  "Heeeeey beautiful!  Yeah, beautiful, you!"  Weird.  Is it nearing a full moon or something?

So I got to Pioneer Square, and they were watching some random salsa class.  Kyle and I made a fun, but somewhat sad attempt (more on my part than his) to salsa too.  Then we went to Uwajimaya and walked up Queen Anne Hill (never again...  too steep) to catch the sunset.  It was so relaxing sitting at Kerry Park, eating cherries and seeing how far we could spit the pits.  After that, we went back to the U District and sang at a rent-a-room karaoke place.  It was super fun.  :D

My mom came and got me in the morning so that we could go get my license renewed.  Then we got a cake and went to Olive Garden.  Mmmm.  I think I ate about 7 breadsticks, which means that I could barely eat any of the actual meal when it came.  She dropped me off at home and I took a nap, then watched a few episodes of Psych.  At seven, we rounded everyone up and went down to Denny Field to play volleyball, frisbee, catch, and whatever else we could come up with to amuse ourselves.  When we were done, we went to Molly Moon's ice cream parlor in Wallingford.  Their honey lavendar is really delicious.  :)  Finally, we moseyed on back to UCU to watch Sleepless in Seattle.  I really had a lot of fun.

Sunday, the guys are taking Margena and I out for our first drinks, at The Ram.  I think that I'll have fun, and I can't wait.  :D