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Some summer updates [Jul. 4th, 2009|02:24 pm]
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(co-authored with Jillian)

Today was a day of adventure.  It began with the sun rising, blasting me with rays of energy.  Shooting from my bed, I donned my garments of summer freedom.  Scrounging around UCU for cents, I purchased a carbonated beverage to boost my sense of awareness, because I would need awareness for the events about to unfold.

Craigslist.  One, maybe two words, that struck a chord in my heart.  An epic chord.  My cohort and I uncovered a listing for free treasure.  Thus, the hunt began.

The car was hot.  Like scavengers, we swooped down upon our prey.  The box said, “Please leave box.”  It said nothing about the contents.  A sign on the free-standing shelves underneath said, “Free.”  Oh, we felt free.  Free as a bird.  Free as a crow.

Amidst the spices, half-consumed Asian noodles, lidless Ziploc containers, and chamomile tea, we narrowly escaped with our findings.  We were able to recover a mirror, two unopened boxes of pasta, a nice china cup, a bag of loose tea leaves, microwave popcorn and kettlecorn, and the only Ziploc container with a lid.

Does anyone want some kettlecorn?

The adventure concluded with the blessed news of employment at World Wrapps (Jillian's that is).

So the above is an entry that Jillian and I co-authored on a blog that the UCU is sharing for the summer.

My classes are going quite well.  Singing is especially my favorite.  The other day, we had someone cut his leg while jumping on a piano, then I got to destroy a potted plant.  Quite messy.  Last Thursday, we were in the middle of class, when we discovered a homeless man sleeping in the room (we didn't see him for the whole first 1/2 hour).  We woke him up (it was pretty hard), he pulled the curtains closed a little so that he could put his pants on, then he left.